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A site dedicated to all of Alwyd’s Rhyflers, no matter what front they may be on.

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What is a Quar, anyway?

It seems the Quar have always been at war. When the first wandering clans of insect gatherers built their low, mud-walled buildings, it was as much to keep out other Quar as the wild animals. As they first learned to make tools to get food, they quickly learned to make tools to defend themselves. The mud walls quickly became fortified citadels, and then city-states. In five thousand years of civilization, the only constants of their culture have been the changing of the seasons and the threat of war.

The Quar are the inhabitants of a rugged, mountainous, and storm-wracked world called Alwyd. Their planet is warm, like ours, and shares many of the same characteristics. In their native tongue, ‘Alwyd’ means ‘home’, and to a quar, nothing is more important. The patch of dirt, the tiny hovel full of kits and kin – these are the things most quar gladly devote their lives to. 

Quar are just like you and me – perfectly normal creatures, bereft of magic or supernatural powers or other-worldly technologies. They do eat bugs, though, and lots of them. Most quar, when they’re not fighting each other over slights real or imagined, are farmers, traders, or merchants. Mostly they live simple, happy lives full of hard work, ale and the occasional overeating of mothcakes. 

But there are other quar – ambitious, striving quar – for which a mere warm bed and a full belly are not enough. These are the ones that scheme, that connive, and their machinations bring whole nations and kingdoms into conflict. Constant conflict, brutal conflict, for the history of Alwyd is written in blood.