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Military: The Gwyldyfin
Population: 50,660,000
Capital: Invevenverta
Monarch: Mauvn, Dowager of Invevenverta, 1778 – Present
Nationality: Creevish (noun and adjective)
Affiliation: Royalist
Climate: Varied, mostly temperate with abundant rainfall to the south and west; north east drier and warmer. Mild winters except in regions adjacent to Leitrom.
Terrain: Mostly forested hills and valleys, some grasslands; hotter and drier to the northeast.
Creevin has long been known for its fiercely independently minded population. This has made Creevin notoriously hard to rule. The infighting, political and physical, has been a constant struggle for the first families of Creevin. From clan squabbles to counties going to war with each other to entire provinces attempting succession, the Creevish do almost as much damage to their nation as outsiders.
The young Dowager Mauvn is a neophyte when it comes to politics but has proven herself a master of rhetoric and charm. In her decade as a figurehead for the Crusader occupiers to her leadership of Creevin in its darkest time in memory, she has earned the love, trust and devotion of many of the Creevish. Her will to fight and defy what many see as inevitable loss, as four foreign armies march across her plains, has rallied many more Creevish to her cause. The Creevish have always loved a good fight.
For centuries, Creevin has been proud of her trench highways – the Suddigffyrdd – and rightfully so. These sunken roads and tunnels are a construction marvel, and make ground transportation across their country faster and safer than in any other nation. To date, denying the Arnyaran aggressors access to the Suddigffyrdd has cost the Creevish dearly; continued success at repelling the invader, given the fractious nature of contemporary Creevish politics, even with Mauvn’s influence, is far from guaranteed.