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Liberation date: 1768
Total Population: 36,480,000
Capital: Orovaras
Governor: Crusader Provisional Governor Labyl
Climate: Maritime northeast; arid desert southeast; grassland west.
Terrain: Mountainous islands northeast, narrow coastal plain giving way to rugged, sandy desert (SE) and semiarid steppe (SW)
Nationality: Easkovite(s)
Affiliation: Western Crusader State

Few nations can boast an improvement of station and prospects as the direct result of occupation by a foreign power. Easky – the Kingdom, not the Crusader State – was a destitute, barren place throughout the 18th Century YC. 1768 and the Crusader ‘liberation’ started an unlikely reversal of Easky’s decline as the invasion brought not only foreign soldiers but also great technological and industrial innovations. Easky’s crumbling factories were quickly refurbished to support the Crusade. A fresh influx of additional engineers from Kryst after the Waess Revolt (1772-73) gave Easky a collection of great professional talent equaled only by Aachon on the Continent, and the Easkovites were quick to exploit this newfound advantage. Easky’s equipment and materièl is state of the art, and her Tractor Corps is perhaps the fastest and most agile on Alwyd, easily taking objective after objective at a rate never seen before until the Fidwog Expeditionary Force stopped them cold in southern Creevin.
Governor Labyl, Campryg Loeck, Easky and Maer Braech are playing a dangerous game of politics, subterfuge and war…