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Getting Started!

So many rulesets… 28mm, 15mm and 6mm Quar… Where do you start?!

If you investigate the Rule Books section of this site I’ve tried to categorize which rules work with which models.

Sadly, no rules for the 6mm yet. That line will be expanding, so maybe I’ll write some!

Clash of Rhyfles Starter Set

In partnership with Wargames Atlantic we have created the Clash of Rhyfles starter set. The easiest way to get into Quar! The set includes quickstart rules, activation cards, dice and 24 multi-part plastic models!

Get it from Wargames Atlantic or ZombieSmith!

Skirmish Games

The skirmish games are Songs of Our Ancestors and Rhyfler’s Pocketbook. Each of these work great with 6-10 models per side up to a maximum of probably 13-15. (The upcoming rulebook packed with the plastics is a new version of Rhyfler’s Pocketbook.)

Mass Battle Games

The mass battle games are This Quar’s War One and This Quar’s War Two. TQW:1 is geared towards 28mm and TQW:2 is geared towards 15mm figures.