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Hard Plastic Quar coming in 2023!

Hey all! So hopefully by now, you’ve seen the news that we have partnered with Wargames Atlantic to bring hard plastic Quar in 2023!

The first hard plastic release will be a box set that will include a squad of Coftyrans and a squad of Crusaders (plus a couple of extra models), skirmish rules to use them with and some other bits and bobs for play. This will be a new version of Rhyfler’s Pocketbook that has been updated with a new shooting mechanic that makes a gun game more dynamic by rewarding movement and positioning so not everyone turtles up. (Ooo… I need to design the Quar equivalent of a shelled amphibian…)

Wargames Atlantic will be selling models/sprue/frames separate from the main box set if all goes to plan as well. Hudson and I have also discussed future hard plastic sets, so if these do well they will be followed with more.

Along with the releasing of hard plastics from Wargames Atlantic, I’ll be releasing new Crusaders and Coftyrans to go with them. The first month will be is-Caertens and Caertens (Officers) followed by light machine gunners and sharpshooters in the following months. And yes, the tractors are back in 28mm too. I’ll sprinkle in some arm sets and other bits to customize the plastic kits as well. I have 5-6 months of 28mm releases ready and Anthony is busily painting them for the site as I type. The first of these will drop alongside the plastics. Date TBD!

The infantry models released by Zombiesmith will be combinations of metal, siocast hard resin and some printed parts here and there. The tractors will be high-quality resin 3d prints (not FDM) and they look great. I’ll share some pics in the coming weeks. Although if you are in the Quar Facebook group and scroll down you’ll see some pictures of them back when I was prototyping them in 28mm.

These new Quar are around the same height as the first generation of Quar. The new ones are a little thicker than the old as I’ve gone a little more whimsical with them. The metal ones aren’t going away and some of the new stuff I’m working on will work with both generations of Quar. I’ll most likely need to boost the cost of the metal ones in the coming months, as you all know metal went nuts for a while and is back down, some, but I’m not relying on that to continue.

The Quar 15mm forces are moving forward as well. I have almost 200 new models done for the next wave with 5 brand-new factions plus new models for the first 6. The first 3 custom factions from the KS are either done or 90% there and I’ll be following up with the other folks for the remainder of their work. I’ll be releasing these factions on the webstore where they’ve agreed to it along with a pdf of fluff and art. I know some of this 15mm stuff is way behind, and I hate it, and I feel it alongside you. It’s all almost done and ready to ship. Some of you have been really waiting and I know who you are!

We’ll try for this next 15mm Kickstarter mid-year. This time everything will be done beforehand so we don’t have this mess I got myself into again.

Feel free to ask any questions you have here, via discord or by emailing me! I’ll have some other big things to talk about near the end of the year!

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