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Maer Braech

Military: Croesgadwr Fyrch, Tollyn Maeryn
Population: 51,725,000
Capital: Solvik
Governor: Governor Har’s. 1770-1774, 1776 – Present
Nationality: Maer Braechi (both noun and adjective)
Affiliation: Western Crusader State
Allies: Easky, Western Arnyara, The Crusade
Climate: warm with mild winters adjacent to Lake Morandi; hotter, drier to the north and west, with harsh winters otherwise.
Terrain: Grasslands and Prairie central; hills south and west; semiarid, rocky desert north and east. Morandi shoreline rocky, often with high cliffs.
Since it’s liberation by the Crusade Maer Braech has seen her population explode and her infrastructure improve dramatically. Recent years of leadership by Campryg – “Marshal In the West” – Loeck have also seen Maer Braech reassume her long-neglected role as military powerhouse of the prairies, extending her influence far abroad.
With the death of Alykinder and the resulting divide between the Crusade in the west and east Maer Braech has become the center of what is essentially a new Crusader coalition completely separate from its parent in the east. Campryq Loeck is a power and command unto himself while still loyal to Crusader ideals and principles.
Loeck and his Crusaders and their allies launched a daring strategic campaign in 1780, with planning going for the attack dating back years prior. Their goal was the solidification of western Crusader rule in Maer Braech and Easky with the taking of major ports and coastlines of southeastern Creevin to link those two countries and control trade across Lake Morandi. Ultimately Campryg Loeck’s plan is a full scale re-invasion of Coftyr.
In service of this strategic plan compromises and alliances were made between Loeck and the Western Arnyaran Foskyldae. No shots between the two forces have been fired but both know the day will come. Maybe sooner than any suspect…