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Not Current 1782 Fluff.

As a nation, Toulmore has only recently appeared on stage as a full-fledged player. For over a century, she was divided and occupied by her neighbors, greedy for her resources and natural wealth. She boasts shoreline on both Lake Morandi and the Weryd Ocean, with only a few hundred miles of relatively light terrain separating the two in some places. This allows for easy transit between the two bodies of water, a tactical and mercantile advantage any nation on Alwyd would covet. It is no wonder the Coftyrans, Maer Braechi and Craesilians conspired to strip Toulmore of her freedom and dominate her for so long.
Similarly, it is no wonder that the Toulmorese, once given the opportunity to shake off their chains, should do so with gusto. They have embraced the Crusade and the quar they judge responsible for their liberation with all the passion available to them, and as quar go, the Toulmorese are as passionate as they come. Every slight, every insult, even unintentional, is enough to send them into a rage. They are a mercurial lot, much more so against their former occupiers. The enthusiasm they feel for Alykinder and the Crusade has become the cornerstone of their newly independent nation, and they will follow him anywhere. Toulmorese Marines and tractors are involved on every front, with more volunteers joining the Iron Regime every year.